There are so many students trying a do-it-yourself approach when it comes to studying abroad as all the necessary information is available online and many universities and colleges offer online admissions for international students likewise way, most countries accept online.

Visa applications can save a lot of money that students have to pay to study abroad consultants for full study visa assistance.

It seems easy to apply online without any consultation but it can do much more harm than good as the visa success rate is quite low for students applying for visas alone as they have no knowledge about visas and they have to manage everything by themselves that can be frustrating since there is no helping hand.

Due to multitasking, they are unable to concentrate on all the details of the visa file, which makes their profile look weak in front of the visa officers and this will result in their visa being refused.

Here are some key reasons why hiring a study abroad consultant is more beneficial than applying yourself.

Provides Career Guidance 

Students who want to study abroad are often confused about which country to select and which courses to choose. There are so many equivalent options available, making it difficult to differentiate and select the right one.

This is where the role of the study abroad advisor becomes important, as they will assess students’ files and help them choose the best countries and courses based on their academic studies and future goals.

They present a clearer picture of the country and courses that provide students with professional clarity.

Market In-Sights 

Study abroad consulting firms often have links to industry experts who have better knowledge of the market. They are constantly updated with market news such as the latest industry trends, information on countries that have eased or restricted their visa requirements, which countries offer better industry exposure, etc. latest trends.

So it is always better to hire a study abroad consultant as they will provide you with current market trends and increase your chances of getting a study abroad visa.

Editorial Services 

Gaining admission to universities and colleges and applying for a visa is not an easy task as students are asked to clarify their goals. They need to know the intentions of the students applying to understand if the student is serious about their studies or if a student visa is a way to go abroad and settle.

Therefore, to prove their study intentions, students are required to use supporting documents like admission essays, LOR, SOP, and CVs. These are very important documents, and if they are written incorrectly, they will become the reason for the refusal of a visa.

Therefore, it is always better to take the help of student visa consultants, as they have many years of experience helping students to write these documents in a correct format, which improves the chances of students getting the visa.

English Language Tests  Preparation 

Many students who apply alone experience problems preparing for the English requirement tests, since they receive help from the Internet but do not receive personalized guidance.

This is necessary to get the desired bands or scores in language tests as study abroad consultants provide comprehensive preparation for IELTS/TOEFL/PTE which would make students comfortable with the format of the test and perform better on the test.

VISA Filing 

This is the most important part of the application process as students have successfully achieved scores on language requirement tests like IELTS, PTE, and TOEFL. They also have a letter of offer from the college/university, so the last step is to fill out the visa form and apply for the study visa.

It is very important that you complete all the information on the application form without missing anything, as this could become a reason for your study visa to be refused.

No student wants to get their visa refused at this stage so they can get help from study abroad consultants who will legitimately fill out the application form and increase the chances of students getting a study visa.

Visa Interview Preparation 

There are many countries like Canada, the UK, and Australia that generally does not do visa interviews to grant study visas, but some countries like the US, Germany, and other European countries require students to go through visa interviews to receive their study Visa.

Visa interviews can be overwhelming and students can be extremely nervous answering the questions, which can create doubt in the visa officer’s mind and become a reason for rejection.

Therefore, it is always a good decision to take the help of Study Abroad Consultants. The educational consultant will provide appropriate assistance to make students comfortable with the interview process in advance and will help students practice questions similar to what visa officers will ask.

This will not only make students feel safe but also increase their chances of getting a study visa.

Provide Financial Assistance/  Scholarships 

No student wants their study abroad dreams to be dashed by lack of funds due to rejected loan applications. The sanction of a loan depends on many factors, such as countries, courses, guarantees, etc., and study abroad consultants are familiar with all the factors so they can help students successfully obtain an education loan.

Several studies abroad advisors also offer scholarships to students based on merit. Study abroad advisors can help students take advantage of scholarships that will help them financially.

Travel Assistance

The work of study abroad consultants does not end after successfully obtaining the visa, as they also help students during their study abroad trip.

They help to get travel tickets faster, they also provide currency exchange services where students can transfer their coins, and last but not least, they provide pickup and accommodation services when students arrive at their destination country, which helps them tremendously.

You can clearly see how important it is to hire a study abroad consultant for your study abroad trip. It is wise to choose the right study abroad consultant as they will be the best to guide you through every step of the study abroad process, improving your chances of successfully obtaining a study abroad visa.