Norway is known for having universities that only require payment of semester fees, but not a penny of the tuition. This is the main reason why many international students choose Norway to study abroad. Free education in Norway for international students is possible.

However, having no tuition fees at universities in Norway does not mean that you can study for free. There are still a number of fees, taxes, and expenses that you must cover. We are here to give you tips and suggestions so that you can study in Norway at a very low cost.

How to Study in Norway for Free

If you want your studies in Norway to be completely free, these are the steps you must follow:

Look for free universities in Norway

Fortunately for international students, there are few free universities in Norway for international students. Every university has pros and cons for its students, make sure you do some research on this. Normally, public universities in Norway for international students offer free education.

Prepare a unique and perfect application

You must convince university officials of your application. You should try to be unique, including:

Convince yourself that you are a potential student. You can get a good GPA, research experience, and great test scores for this.

All your rewards and academic achievements. Show the things you excel at. Submit proof of your good behavior and personality.

Some colleges may ask you to submit letters of recommendation, so be sure to behave yourself to receive good letters.

These are the things that will increase the chances of being accepted to universities in Norway for international students. Having a strong application is the most important step in getting accepted to a university in Norway.

Submit your applications promptly

Submitting your applications on time is never a problem, but being late can lower your chances of being accepted. Introducing yourself early can give you an idea of ​​your personality and desires for college.

It could mean that you are so eager to study in Norway that you can’t wait any longer to submit your portfolio.

It could mean that you are punctual and you don’t like being late.

Submitting your application early can improve your chances of being accepted to college. Even the best universities in Norway for international students give preference to early registration.

Apply for Norwegian University Scholarships

Receiving Norwegian University scholarships is the best way to make your studies affordable. Check with the university to see if you are eligible for scholarships. Many colleges review your academic performance to decide if you are a good fit for scholarships.

Ostfold University College and the University of Stavanger are the two universities that offer the highest number of scholarships compared to other universities in Norway.

Research and apply for private scholarships

Many companies, businesses, organizations, and corporations try to help you achieve your dreams. They also provide financial assistance to international students.

External scholarships, especially from organizations related to the program of study you plan to study, can be of great help to you.

Apply for government scholarships

Government scholarships for students who want to study abroad are available in almost every country, especially if the country you want to study in is in good standing with your country.

You can also find scholarship opportunities in your home country’s government.
You can also search and find scholarship opportunities for the Norwegian government.

Finding scholarships to study in Norway is easy. You will find partial and fully funded scholarships. You can study not only for bachelor’s degrees but also for master’s degrees at an affordable cost.

Get hired as you study

Not only for study expenses, but you will also need money to survive and pay your daily expenses. The scholarships may not be enough to cover your bills, you need to get a job, which you can do while you study.

Working while studying in Norway may be the best way to help international students financially. The country allows international students to work a maximum of 20 hours per week during academic terms. If you are granted a student visa, you will also automatically be allowed to work part-time.

Try to reduce your daily expenses

Now, as you move to the country to study on scholarships and start doing your job, then you have to deal with the bills. Plan your expenses well. Instead of thinking about how to pay bills, you need to think about ways to minimize expenses.

Try the following, if possible, to lower your routine expenses:

Find someone you can share your apartment with to share your rental costs.
Cook your meals instead of buying them.
Get passes for local transportation.
Get student discount cards.
Buy used books or digital copies.
Shop during sales.

These things will help you reduce the cost of studying in Norway for international students.

Cheap Universities in Norway for International Students

Norwegian public universities do not charge tuition fees even for foreign students. However, students have to deal with their routines and other expenses. Here is the list of affordable universities in Norway for international students:

  1. Norwegian University of Science and Technology
  2. University of Oslo
  3. University of Nordland
  4. Oslo Metropolitan University 
  5. University of Bergen
  6. Bergen University College
  7. The Arctic University of Tromsø, Norway
  8. University of Stavanger
  9. BI Norwegian Business School

Scholarships in Norway for International students

For studying in Norway for international students free, these are scholarships which universities offer :

  • University of Stavanger Scholarships
  • BI Norwegian Business School Scholarships
  • The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) Scholarships
  • University of Oslo Scholarships
  • Nord University Postdoctoral Fellowship
  • Oslo Metropolitan University Scholarships
  • Norwegian University of Life Sciences

We hope that this article on studying in Norway for free was helpful. Take the decision as soon as possible and start working on it. Make your dream of studying abroad true.