GMAT and GRE are two of the most widely taken graduate exams in the world. Universities around the world have accepted the GMAT and GRE exams as admission criteria. Especially for students who wish to study abroad, these tests act as a supporting document for their application to Universities abroad.

Students always face dilemmas when it comes to GRE and GMAT as both of them are widely accepted in various universities, for various courses. But which one suits you best? This guide will help you discover:

What is GMAT Test?

Completed GMAT Form: Graduate Management Admission Test. The GMAT is conducted by the GMAC, which stands for Graduate Management Admission Council.

It is primarily used by students trying to get into MBA programs and business schools, however many other business, and finance-related programs also accept the GMAT as admission criteria.

What is GRE Test

Completed GRE Form: Graduation Record Examination. GRE, on the other hand, is a registered trademark of ETS. The GRE is taken by students from around the world for admission to undergraduate schools.

In addition to graduate schools, the GRE is also accepted by business schools, making the scope of the GRE broader and the test more accessible.

GMAT vs. GRE: Which Should I Take?

As we mentioned earlier, the GMAT is accepted at business schools around the world. The GMAT shows candidates’ commitment to pursuing a course and career in business and management.

While GRE has a broader scope. The GRE is accepted worldwide at both graduate schools and business schools. However, business schools generally prefer much higher GMAT scores and GMAT scores when it comes to prestigious MBA programs and global management rankings.

The most important part of the decision is checking with the colleges you are interested in and their admission criteria.

So what will it be? GMAT or GRE? The correct answer lies in the abilities, strengths, and weaknesses of the examinees. As we go through the comparison, you will get a better idea of ​​which test will be the most suitable for you.

GMAT vs GRE: Sectional Comparison

Verbal(GMAT is Easier)Heavy on Grammar and Comprehension Students find it easier than GREHeavy on Vocabulary Students find the vocabulary of the GRE tough, especially for non-native English speaker
GMAT vs GRE Syllabus
1. Reading Comprehension2. Sentence Correction3. GMAT Critical Reasoning1. Text Completion2. Reading Comprehension3. Sentence Equivalence
Quantitative(GRE is Easier)Heavy on Equations, numbers, and derivatives Have a tough mathematical section, students with accounting, engineering, and business backgrounds take itHeavy on Geometry, Arithmetic Has an easier quantitative section compared to GMAT, students who do not have mathematical background can take it
GMAT vs GRE Syllabus
1. Problem Solving2. Data Sufficiency1. Quantitative comparison2. MCQ – Select One Answer3. MCQ – Select Multiple Answers4. Numeric Entry Questions
WritingWriting on topics related to Business and Finance Analytical Writing on a given problem offering a solutionVariety of Topics The writing is more focused on Literature and logic and less on the analytical writing
GMAT vs GRE Syllabus
Analysis Essay (most likely on business and economy)1. Issue Essay2. Argumentative Essay

GMAT vs GRE Score Comparisons

GMAT scores:

The scale on which the GMAT is scored is 200 to 800. Scores are expressed in multiples of 10, such as 610, 620, 630, etc. 70% of test takers score in the 400-600 range. If you want to apply to the best business colleges (top 10), scores should be between 710-800.

GRE scores:

The GRE scoring scale is 130-170 for verbal and quantitative and is generally a 340-point test, while writing is assessed in ranges of 0-6. For the top 10% scores in the world, the Verbal and Quantitative must be more than 160-163 and an overall score of 330+, Analytical Writing scores must be 5.0-6.0.

As you can see, there are many differences and similarities that you can make from the GMAT vs GRE comparison. Both stand on their own and have their own advantages, disadvantages, and complexities.

There are two things from the comparison that we derive. The Quant section of the GMAT is more analytical and will require more preparation than the GRE. On the other hand, if English is your second language, the GRE vocabulary may be difficult for you.

Said and done, the comparisons are not true for all people, and there is no universal option for everyone. They all have their own strengths and weaknesses, and the correct way to decide on GMAT vs GRE is in two steps.

What Universities Want: The first and most important step should be to check with the universities and their admission criteria. Program pages on university websites always take admission requirements into account. For example, if the course you want to apply to only accepts GMAT, there is no point in thinking otherwise.

Deciding Practice Exams – Whether the courses you decide to accept either score or you haven’t decided on a course yet, the best way to find out which exam is for you is to take the real-time online practice exam for GMAT and GRE. , and then decide, will also help you analyze your strengths and weaknesses.