This year’s survey reached 10,000 responses from students from 181 countries who are considering studying abroad. Using the top reasons to study abroad, ranked by students who prioritize finding the right destination country over the right program or school, we’ve created our ranking of the best places in Europe to study abroad.

And that those that are considered the most important factors when choosing a destination to study abroad are the following 7 factors.

  • To achieve my career goals
  • To develop myself personally
  • To experience a new culture or lifestyle
  • To access higher-quality teaching
  • To have an adventure
  • To make new friends or widen my professional network
  • To learn a new language

Best Countries Where to Study Abroad in Europe


  • Ranked #8 in the world
  • To access higher-quality teaching – ranked #1 in Europe
  • To experience a new culture or lifestyle – ranked #3 in Europe

This country is a dream come true for any history, food, or art enthusiast. The French pride themselves on their cultural influence, and it’s easy to see why!

The country is home to the world’s largest and most visited art museum, many high-end fashion houses, and some of the best universities in the world.

Whether you choose to study in central Paris, Lyon, or Toulouse, culture is at your fingertips. Its cuisine, from aromatic cheeses to hearty stews and seaside mussels, is world-renowned and can be perfectly paired with a specific bottle of French wine.

With each region as distinct as its wine, there are countless places to explore. So whether you find yourself watching the sunset on the beaches of Brittany or taking a dip in the Mediterranean port of Marseille, consider the République française as your next destination.


  • Ranked #7 in the world
  • To achieve career goals – ranked #2 in Europe
  • To develop myself personally – ranked #4 in the world

Holland is a country known for its coffee culture lifestyle and love of cycling. With a culture of entrepreneurship and engineering, the Dutch are open-minded and free-spirited with a problem-solving attitude.

However, history and art are also different here. The Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum, and the Anne Frank Museum are cultural attractions not to be missed.

With one of the most respected higher education systems in the world and a competitive economy, the Netherlands is a great place to pursue your career during and after your studies.

Not only that, but you are sure to have a lifetime of fun during your stay! Sports clubs are incredibly popular, and the EDM scene is often considered the best in the world, with plenty of events and festivals on their days off.

So come as you are and experience student life in a land famous for windmills and tulips!


  • Ranked #10 in the world
  • To experience a new culture or lifestyle – ranked #1 in the world
  • To have an adventure – ranked #4 in the world

If you imagine wandering the back streets looking for the perfect tapas bar, cheering for your favorite football team with the locals, and taking a siesta before an evening that lasts until dawn, Spain may be your place.

Let’s go to Spain! Stroll through the elegant avenues of Madrid and admire the works of Goya in the Prado, or swim in the Mediterranean and explore the colorful neighborhoods of Barcelona inspired by Gaudí.

Take a trip north to run with the bulls in Pamplona and taste the wines of La Rioja. The cities of Granada, Seville, Malaga, and Cadiz in southern Spain are sure to impress you with their flamenco music and Moorish influence.

Wherever you go, the friendly Spanish will make you feel welcome! With some of the oldest universities in the world and a distinct culture, pursuing higher education in Spain would provide a truly unique experience.


  • Ranked #5 in the world
  • To develop myself personally – ranked #3 in Europe
  • To achieve career goals – ranked #1 in Europe

If you want to experience the unreal beauty of European nature, explore majestic and picturesque towns and cities, and sample world-renowned cuisine, Switzerland is for you.

Aside from Swiss watches and knives, this country may be most famous for its stunning views and skiing in the Alps. However, Swiss cities like Basel, Lucerne, and Geneva have sights and stories that will surprise you on their own.

Even smaller cities like Interlaken and Freiburg will leave you speechless. As the highest-ranked country for achieving career goals, this country is also known for having one of the most advanced and complex economies in the world.

Career-oriented students, especially those interested in banking or finance, have found their haven. Are you more of a language lover? Depending on the region you choose to study in, you have the opportunity to learn not one, but four new languages: German, French, Italian, and Romansh. Bainvegni!


  • Ranked #3 in the world
  • To access higher quality teaching – ranked #2 in Europe
  • To achieve my career goals – ranked #3 in Europe

Deutschland is the best option for students who want to study abroad in Europe for the third year in a row. Sharing its borders with eleven other countries, Germany is truly the center of it all.

You might be thinking of dirndls and lederhosen at Oktoberfest or a Mercedes-Benz on the motorway, but there are even more iconic German activities to delve into.

Explore the enchanting mountains of Bavaria, the fairytale castles along the Rhine, the serene shores of the Baltic, and the lakes of Mecklenburg for dream experiences. You will discover that German cities are cultural centers with rich histories.

Whether you choose to enjoy Berlin’s alluring nightlife and museums, Hamburg’s beautiful canals, and street art, or Munich’s lush beer gardens and unique architecture, you’re sure to have an unforgettable time.

As the country with the largest economy in Europe, there are plenty of opportunities to further your career goals while studying at some of the world’s oldest and most well-known universities.

So save up for some Weissbier and bratwurst and head to Germany for the experience of a lifetime! Willkommen a there!