Everyone wants to study abroad with a fully-funded scholarship or partially funded scholarship. Many international student earn cash sponsorship only by carefully completing scholarship applications and write a well-structured and convincing essay, study plan or research proposal, along with other documentation is required. We receive hundreds of mail daily in which student asks the same question of how we study in the USA, Study in Europe. Some of them ask can you share how we win a fully funded scholarship?

Scholarship Application procedure and documentation are very tiring, and many student afraid not explain everything in scholarship application may they lose a chance to win a scholarship. Student always looking for an excellence scholarship because of not everyone able to afford international university fees. What if someone found magical tips to win a fully-funded scholarship without much effort and stress?

Fortunately, some of the best techniques and strategies will lead you to a successful scholarship campaign. Whether you are going to apply for Chinese government scholarship or USA Fullbright scholarship there are some useful tips and Guidelines to win a scholarship for your study abroad.

As per statistics, there are 243 Chinese universities that offer fully-funded scholarships to international student and more than 86 USA universities that offer Fullbright scholarship and don’t forget other foreign government scholarships, for example, Korean government scholarship, Mexican Government scholarship, Japanese Government scholarship MEXT, etc. It means the total number of scholarships is very huge weather you to decide to study in China, the USA, Germany, Japan, etc.

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Tip To Get Fully Funded Scholarship

  • Apply for local scholarships
  • Look for smaller Scholarship first
  • Research And write Excellent scholarship application
  • Personalize your Scholarship application
  • Avoid introducing your self in a scholarship essay
  • Complete and satisfy your requirements
  • Apply for many scholarships it will increase your chance.
  • Never stop looking and applying for scholarships!
  • Finally, don’t lose your hope.

The first and initial step is that find local scholarship around you and apply on them. Because obtain local scholarship easy compare to international scholarship.

Best Way To Find Local Scholarships

  • Keep in touch with your teacher and friend for a scholarship update.
  • Search local scholarship through social media sites ( Facebook, LinkedIn) television or any other media platform.
  • Get Update from the community portal.
  • Ask people how already received the local scholarships.
  • Use the scholarship search tool (There are many scholarship portals where you can find a local scholarship for example

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Step By Step To Get a Scholarship

#1. Apply for local scholarships

it is human psychology that we always look for great things in a limited period of time. Therefore, as in our educational career, we always look for fully-funded scholarships, so think about them, but they are mostly very competitive and too difficult to get.

If you think systematically and optimistically, you have a better chance of winning a local scholarship, less competitor mean higher chances to get a scholarship.

#2. Choose Smaller Scholarships First

I recommend first apply on smaller scholarship, why because most of the student think this scholarship is so small and may not cover his/her expense but remember it doesn’t matter.

Most of the student work hard on their scholarship application, but it takes lot of time to explore and research different videos, essays, and projects but scholarship selection is done based on an effective scholarship essay. So doing initial research is a good step.

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#3. Research And write Excellent scholarship application

It is not necessary you get the response of every scholarship application in which you apply. But if you give your application a personal touch, the chances of obtaining them can be maximized.

Instead of copy the same scholarship application and template from those who already apply for a scholarship. Apply for a scholarship with a passionate heart and complete your scholarship application with truth wording.

#4. Personalize your Scholarship application

it has been proven over time that, when applying for scholarships, students present themselves in a way that seems excessive. Most of the time the scholarship committee goes for those essays or read which are without applicant name.

In short scholarship committee discard all those essays who start with name and conduct an interview without knowing about the candidate.

#5. Avoid introducing your self in a scholarship essay

How would you feel if you researched and wrote a perfect essay for your scholarship application but lost a single document according to your submission requirements? You will feel devastated because all your efforts will be in vain.

Therefore, the simplest advice is to write all the points and format them as a checklist and assemble them accordingly to protect yourself from the loss of documents.

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#6. Complete and satisfy your requirements

Luck is the key factor here because not all applications are accepted for scholarship. Don’t miss to apply for even the smallest scholarships, apply for every scholarship in which you are eligible. Consider it a part-time job to apply for as many scholarships as possible.

You should start applying your applications early and even at school or university. The more scholarship applications you leave, the more likely you are to accept your application. In addition, if you submit your application in advance, the chances of acceptance will be maximized.

#7. Apply for many scholarships it will increase your chance.

Applying for one scholarship not the best solution. Try to apply for many scholarships it will increase your chance to win a scholarship. I remember my friend apply for more than 185 scholarships in a single year and you don’t believe he win 20 fully-funded scholarships. That means more you can apply more you can win.

#8. Never give up looking and applying for scholarships!

NEVER GIVE UP! Successful scholarship winners are those who never stop trying and apply for a scholarship. Therefore, the key to achieving your scholarship goal is to KEEP THE TEST until you get a positive response.

Obtaining scholarships is not easy, it takes a lot of hard work behind success to achieve the best related to your passion. Students make many minute mistakes, which are very important for obtaining scholarships.

We have explained to you all the winning points and tricks that can help you with your scholarship application. Also, check everything you are working on before sending it to protect yourself from any ambiguity or concern.

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